And We Are OFF!

Me and my absolutely beautiful wife.

Welcome to a journey that I hope will be as enlightening for you as it is cathartic for me.

You see, I have started and stopped a few of these things before. I have started with all the intentions to keep it going. It has always fallen apart. Life and my own laziness have taken over and I have lost it all.

Well, this is where I am going to thank 2018. The year has been one to be buried and forgotten, for th most part. I have lost some pretty major people to me this year. I have found myself in a career rut. I have really been in places I have not been in a long time.

Sounds like an odd thing to be thanking for though, right? Yeah. I know.

Here’s where it has gotten to be interesting.

Through loss and through building walls of being busy around me, I have realized that I have been missing something for my entire life and it is something that writing has really started to bring out.

I let life pass me by. I never really take the time to enjoy it, to enjoy those that I love, to truly build those relationships. I have blindly marched through life, not quite following what I have been told, yet not quite thinking for myself. I have never truly found that point where I have taking it all in and found the beauty of life.

This is my record of taking the steps to see what’s around me. This is my journey to try to find those things that I have missed for far to long. Hopefully you take the trip with me.

A bit of what I plan to share with you, if I may:

  • I have a habit of not quite thinking some things through. This is going to be that platform where I will be working on that issue.
  • I am a music lover. All genres. I am more than fortunate to be able to review and photo concerts. I am also blessed with the ability to talk to some of these artists before they take the stage. Again, these will be here when available.
  • This is going to be that reporter’s notebook side of things. Sometimes I get the best, most thought-provoking comments that won’t fit into a story. They play in my mind for days. This is where I will be thinking more on those comments.
  • There may be some social commentary. Please, if you find it offensive, remember, we are all trying to think our way through it…maybe offer your views?
  • You may find a random thought or a miscellaneous image. Take them for what they are worth.

This should prove to be interesting, at the least. I wish I could give you a frequency on posts. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Right now, I plan on a post a week.

Here we go!