Lift Your Head! It’s a Challenge! Create!

My Pastor said something today that really has stuck with me. Yeah, I know, that’s kinda the point… But this one really extends beyond the message of “As for My House,” out of Joshua 24.

He said something similar to this. We walk around with our eyes down, literally. We spend too much time looking at our devices. We have been told to look UP. That’s from where our salvation comes.

The spiritual point is now lost on me. The thing is, as a communicator, as a marketer, I have a tendency to view from the everyday side as well.

The view is always better when we look up. Guess where we have to look to find the experiential side of life? Why would we want to care so much about what’s on our phones when there is so much to take in all around us?

Here’s an idea. Why not use that phone to take a picture of what’s around you? I am sure you can find something photo-worthy to share.

Another thought of how to look up and take your eyes off the screen for ya… Someone posts a really cool, absolutely stunning photo or video (lookin’ at you, Sam Smith…some truly awesome stuff coming from your account). Take it as a challenge. Go out and find your shot. Share it.

You know, you don’t have to have the expensive gear and expensive post-production software. Shoot on your phone. Use that filter. It’s OK!

Just lift your head! Pick up your gaze! LOOK UP!


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