2019 in One Word

My wife and I go to a weekly home group with our church. We get together in a small group with some people from church and talk about the sermon from the previous Sunday. It’s a great way to gain a greater understanding and to build faith.

That’s not the point of this piece.

A new year is upon us and goal-setting for the new year is important. Our home group leader guided us through an exercise of using a single word for the year. The goal is to know where you want to be in January 2020.

In terms of spiritual life, it really is a tremendous exercise. You not only pinpoint areas where you need to grow but to gain an understanding of who you currently are. As you can imagine, the spiritual side generated a great number of words in my head. Trust, service, patience, they all were there, among others.

My word, in my mind, brought all of those together: Obedience.

Now, let’s look at your word.

Where do you want to be in January 2020? What do you want to work on? Who will you be? Why? What will it take to get there?

These questions seem to be trivial. Let me assure you. They are not. To know who you are and where you want to be at this time next year, you have to know what it is you are aiming for.

I am going to expand my push a bit. I have my spiritual word. I am not asking you for yours. I am asking for your overall word for 2019.

Here’s mine.


I will be working on this in 2019. Not only will I be more positive in my mindset but my growth will be be positive. My mission is to be a positive force for others. I will move my career in a positive direction. My skill set will undergo positive change.

To get there is going to be a shift in mindset and in action. I will be more of a positive person. I will be more assertive in positivity. I will be more willing to step up and be that positive change that is needed in an otherwise negative world.

That’s me, and that’s not what I want. How about you? What’s your word? What’s you plan?

What is your word for 2019?