Unintended Consequences: How we Humans are not bound by the Laws of Physics

We have all heard it. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It isn’t just in physics that we find this natural law at work. The thing is, all too often, it is the only one we seem to follow.

We are in the midst of a political game that has many wondering what is to come of their jobs, their checks, their very well-being. Yes, this governmental shutdown has many asking that very question, regardless of their party affiliation and their stance on a border wall or posturing by party officials.

Here’s the thing. As you watch the evening news (I hope I am not the last to watch that kind of thing… Jeff Glor will be out of a job as well, if that’s the case) you’ll see that the stories are starting to surface that represent unintended consequences, opposite reactions, if you will.

Now, I know my political view is not shared by all. In fact, I find myself in the minority more often than not. I am finding something taking place that makes me proud to have the stance I do.

Do you see what’s taking place?

So… what’s that mean? Why am I, a self-acknowledged conservative, happy to see this? Let me explain.

We have allowed our governmental systems to bloat to the point of being more of bureaucratic juggernaut with the job of taking care of our every need…for a price. Be it increased security, increases in social welfare programs (not THE Welfare program, mind you), more of this, tighter regulations in that, it all increases our dependency on a body that was never intended to have that kind of burden, nor power.

What we are seeing is what so many of u have been looking for, tried to foment, are vocal over. We are seeing the equal opposite reaction of people in need being taken care of by… get this… this is important… OTHER PEOPLE! Group of people have even taken it upon themselves to clean up federal parks, to include garbage cans and bathrooms. Yes, the evil, nasty public restrooms of National Parks!

Yeah, we are taking care of one another.

You know what the sad part of this is? This, too, will fade. Once the government is back up and running, and it will be, this will all fade and we will all go back to not caring for one another anymore.

We were like this, on a larger level, after the attacks of September 11. Where have we gone in those 17 years?

We promised an entire group of people that we would “Never Forget” after an attempt to wipe them from the face of the earth. Guess what? Yeah. We forgot. Not all of us, but an important number have.

See, unlike the reaction to the action, we, as humans, do not have motions that tend to stay in motion. We lose our empathy as time passes, and we let it fade away…until next time.

So, here’s the question…maybe even something to seriously consider. Will you just let it go when the over-bloated government unlocks the doors again?