Get knocked down…

I am a firm believer that there are lessons all around us. Some that are obvious right away. Others that become evident as we walk through life. The source of those lessons can be just about anything.

I, along with most of my family, are fans of the show, The 100. To give you a basic premise is rather difficult. A lot has taken place since the show has started, and so many things have happened. Through it all, one phrase has surfaced for me lately. It’s been my mindset.

Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim.

Grounder Trigedasleng from The 100

It simply means Get knocked down. Get back up.

I believe, deep in the heart of society, we are attracted to dystopian stories for a very specific reason. We see ourselves in them. We see our hope in them. For those that view these things as teachable lessons, as well as entertainment, we get a kind of knowledge, or a reminder of what we already know, from the story.

I am going to admit that it has been a difficult week. It’s been strange and been stressful. It has also felt as if a burden has been lifted at times. You see, my Monday started off by being called into the boss’s office to be laid off.

Yeah, it was something that I had a sneaking feeling that was right around the corner. No, this isn’t a call for your sympathy or sadness. While it has kind of taken me off guard in a sense, it has been a blessing.

To say I should have done a bit more research into where I was going would be completely accurate. It wasn’t what I thought I was getting into, but that’s not important. I have found some solid connections and met some really great people. Hopefully they continue to be a part of things moving forward.

Now, that moving forward.

Some of you may remember a post that I offered myself to tell stories. That’s where I am going for the foreseeable future. I am not sure where it will lead but I do know there is someone that has taken me on a journey and has placed me where I am for a reason.

Let’s see where that reason takes me.

So, that being said, Let me introduce you to a storyteller that is ready to tell your story. Let’s talk. And for those that like a great story with plenty of action both, in a classical futuristic sense as well as a post-apocalyptic sense, Watch The 100. It’s on Netflix.

Get knocked Down…