Support Your Local Musicians

While that is an amazing perk to the blessings I have received, I have to admit that I prefer a club setting, a small venue, even a bar to the small B-rooms to large venues I have been able to access.

I am not going to lie. I am fortunate to be able to use my talents to write about some rather big name artists when they come to the area. I have been fortunate to interview some of the top names in their genres. I get to talk and listen to some truly amazing people, all to be able to write about them and tell people what I thought of the show.

While there are times that these venues play host to some great talent and larger-known names, the true stars that I like to go  to hear are the musicians that are out there, playing for a handful of people, mostly family, close friends, and venue staff quite often.

Recently, my wife and I made the trip out to a rather new venue in the Jamestown NY area, The Chadokoin Club, to hear some friends play. We travelled the 45 miles on a cold January night, to hear a band. Not only because our friends were playing, but because, well, it is live music!

Now is the time I get to the point. The band we went to see, Macklehat Merffy, is gaining some fans. They are starting to be the guys that people want to go see. The band that “opened” the show, Trip the Deuce, does have a good reputation, and is one of those bands that seem to get people following them.

Now, I had never heard Trip the Deuce previous to this trip. I can say that I am a fan! These five guys have the talent to deliver a great time with some solid music.

That McAcky Merfluffy thing (Macklehat Merffy) is a trip all to their own. Solid musicianship forms the three-piece.

Macklehat plays their ode to a local beverage

Here’s the thing. These artists spend hours perfecting their music. They spend countless nights together to write, rehearse, and create, all to entertain. Now, I get it. It is cold this time of year. Guess what? The venue usually has heat…and beer. Many venues run shows for no cover charge.

Let me ask. What prevents you from going out to a show? What keeps you from going out and seeing some live music?

One of the most common things I hear from people is that there isn’t anything to do. Well, sometimes you have to look for it. There are local entertainment papers that can help you find local shows. Facebook is great as well. Just get out there and look.