Transitioning Economies… How can your area survive?

A variety of events can help to bring people to your area for no other reason than to have fun!
Photo Courtesy Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce

We are in a time of transitioning economies. There is truly no doubt. Even places like the small city that I call home are searching for new ways to continue their existence.

Believe me, I see it. It isn’t easy.

Most of the cities in the region are products of an industrial time. They are relics of manufacturing hubs. Let’s face it. That’ why cities were developed. Industry, manufacturing, commerce. We have moved beyond that kind of economy.

So, what replaces it?

Service economies are not the answer. Dependence on the retail sector is not viable. Industry is not large enough to sustain a city population.

So what’s the answer?

Some things have a larger price tag but the sky is the limit!
It’s about your ability to make it happen, nothing else
Photo Courtesy Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce

Well, you have to find ways to bring people to your area. You have to reinvent your city, village, town, what have you, if even for a weekend or three during the summer. Create reasons that people want to come. Tell them it is happening.

Sounds easy, right? It can be. Here’s the problem. Too many people think it has to be something that a governmental agency or entity runs or has a part of. Too many people think it has to come from local government.

To be honest, this is something that should come from an organic, grassroots level.

Yes, there’ll be hard work. Yes, there will be aggravations. If you do it right, you’ll have people talking and coming to spend their money in your area. It might take a couple of times to do it. It may take a few tweaks. Nothing is absolutely perfect the first time.

Do you want to be a part of the continuing story of your area? It can be done. Do it. Need help? Email me and let’s work together.

Featured image courtesy Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce


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